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We are a young innovative publishing company based in Boston.

Medical School and The Residency Match was born out of desire to share the knowledge and experience earned over the course of medical school studies. The wealth of the first and second edition of the book represents the almost 50 combined years of successes and failures of our 13 contributing authors who after their tribulations made it to the top-tier residency programs. The third vastly revised and updated edition adds 5 more authors, 2 new chapters, 30% more content, 2000+ updates and corrections, and new D.O. perspectives.

Anyone can now be a beneficiary of their stories.

We started with a Kickstarter campaign and low expectations. When we received more than triple the number of pre-orders than we hoped for, it was a clear green light. The initial sales confirm that Medical School and the Residency Match is a book that until now was missing on bookstore shelves, and decidedly captured the interest of many medical students.

The story of 18 real medical students who graduated and matched to top-tier residency programs, in their own words, inspires our readers. The book is honest, and entertaining, but most importantly - useful.