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Chapter 8 - 4th Year and Away Rotations:
Impression and General Experiences

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Chapter 8I honestly recommend doing at least one away rotation at the program you think is a top choice for residency. My opinion is that it definitely feels like it gives you a significant advantage over other students in a specialty where away rotations are not required or even encouraged. Doing an away rotation is useful if you are interested in going somewhere for residency that you have never been before and have no connections to. That being said you need to prioritize and only pick one or possibly two locations to go to because away rotations are exhausting and costly."

"My first rotation was an away. I would not suggest it. I still interviewed at the place where I did my first AI / Sub-I, but I wish I had more time to work out the kinks and understand my role better as a fourth year. However, the upside was that I was much sharper and prepared for my home rotation, the source of my recommendation letters."

"I really stacked my 4th year up with rotations, I did 3 acting internships (family medicine, obstetrics, medicine), orthopedics, emergency medicine, underserved family medicine, urogynecology, surgical oncology, a rotation in Uganda, and was a TA for anatomy. It was a little crazy. I would have lightened it up a bit in hindsight. Programs didn’t seem to care about 4th year too much. On the flipside, I did take 5 weeks to travel which was excellent."

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