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Chapter 6 - Clerkship Year

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Chapter 6"My weakness was with my shelf exams. In hindsight I would’ve at least tried to buy a one-year subscription to UWorld and then do all the corresponding questions during each clerkship. I was able to honor 2 of 7 clerkships. So I’d like to think that with a little bit more dedication to actual reading and doing practice questions, I could’ve bumped that up."

"No matter where you go to school, or which hospital you rotate at, these grades can be very hard to control as they are inherently subjective. Clerkship and residency directors know this, but they expect you to honor some of them and have solid comments in all of them. This is also heavily dependent on the school you attend and what their percentage of students honor per clerkship."

"Looking back, I would have studied harder during clerkships so that boards weren’t such a worry for me. Clerkships play a big role in building confidence for fourth year and beyond. The confidence I lack now can be an issue and definitely hinders my ability to relax about being an MD in the coming months. It’s not insurmountable, and I feel better about it now, but it was avoidable. I’m probably not alone. "

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