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Chapter 14 - Potpourri & Story Time

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Chapter 14"Don’t let the constant evaluation and feelings of being less than eat your soul. You are probably still a good person even if you are not at the top of your medical school class!!"

"Females: Wear comfortable shoes! And invest in a pair that won’t fall apart. My heel broke during one of mine and I couldn’t walk during the tour…I hobbled back to my suitcase and had to put on my Danskos. New York City was not impressed by my fashion sense. "

"An important lesson, not just for interviewing for residency, but for life in general is that you will go a lot further if you have confidence.. You have to know that the program is not just interviewing you, but more importantly, you are interviewing them. Having this perspective takes the pressure off the interview. "

"Best question I was asked: if there were no need for medicine anymore – everyone is completely healthy – what would you do? I told them I’d love to play music for a living. It was a toss-up between rock star and rally car racer, but let’s be honest – rockers get all the chicks."

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