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Chapter 13 - Interview Aftermath

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Chapter 13"I was contacted by programs informing me that I was “ranked to match” in their vernacular. One program called very early on which made for an awkward conversation, though their program was my favorite. I really felt like I should reciprocate by telling them they were my #1, I honestly couldn’t say it at the time because I wasn’t sure what other programs would feel like."

"The first program I interviewed at was Dartmouth, and their program director explicitly said she did not want thank-you letters because it’s a waste of time and they go directly in the garbage. I appreciated the honesty."

"I sent the golden “you are my number one” message to my top program’s director. I received a nice message back, which I found encouraging, until my friend and classmate told me the story of an applicant who communicated with their number one and was misled."

"I wrote handwritten thank-you notes to everybody including the administrative staff. I told my top 5 programs they were my top programs, and I told my top program that they were my number 1. Programs were always cordial, I was not told where I was ranked, though I have been told that I was ranked."

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