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Chapter 12 - Interview Day:
The Ultimate Purpose, Asking Questions, Being Caught Off Guard, Post-Interview Communication

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Chapter 12"I think the ultimate purpose of interviews for the program is to make sure you’re a human being with a heart and feelings. Secondly, they’d like the interview to tease out where to rank you. For the interviewee, it’s an opportunity to find where you’d fit and how you want to arrange your rank list. "

"Resident happiness was tough to gauge. At a couple interviews, I only met close to four residents when some of these programs had 10+ residents per year. Where were the rest of them? All working? Didn’t want to show up? "

"Make a list of top 10 questions and just prepare answers for them. You’ve memorized more during 4 years of school. The reality is that most applicants will have prepared answers for that, and if you’re not ready to answer with tact and brevity than you may hurt yourself. Be polished. "

"Your goal in an interview is to seem like someone who would be cool to be around at 3 o’clock in the morning when you’ve just been called in for a crisis. Simply, you want to be someone who’s going to be fun and pleasant to hang out with. I think that makes a very appealing candidate."

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