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Chapter 11 - Finances and Logistics of the Interview Season:
Financing Your Time on the Trail, Logistics, & Costs

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Chapter 11"For starters, let’s get a few easy solutions out of the way. If you are lucky enough to be a trust fund baby, have a supply of money from parents or family, or hit the $1.6 billion Powerball, you can pretty much stop reading."

"The most important thing to do is schedule well – and by this I mean both interviews and your 4th year. Scheduling interviews can be frantic and stressful, but obviously try to coordinate trips to geographic regions together. Every tank of gas or flight ticket you can save will add up, and if you are lucky enough to have a lot 128 Johnson et al. – Medical School and the Residency Match of interviews, it will add up very quickly. Scheduling your 4th year electives is even more important. Each school has its own policies on interviews and vacations, but you should absolutely maximize your flexibility during the interview season. Check with advisers and older students to see when your specialty interviews, and try to either be on vacation or on a remote elective – by which I mean a reading month, research month, senior project, or online module course. Having flexibility is crucial when making travel plans, and making them affordable. "

"While it may take more time, a $1.50 bus ride is much more convenient on your pocket book than a $25 cab or Uber ride. "

"Many programs advertise discounted rates with local hotels, but I didn’t find the deals to be deals at all, so I used the “name your own price” feature on Priceline a lot. The same applied to car rentals if I needed one. Keep in mind that in some places parking is an extra charge at most hotels in a city."

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