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Chapter 1 - Introduction and Purpose

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Chapter 1For better or worse, medical students are very good at jumping through hoops. They are generally strong when it comes to following protocols, checking boxes, and taking instruction. They are obedient, hard-working, and generally stay within the lines. It is just this characterization that can make medical school a real grind for many students, when it may not have to be.

I am a mediocre student, and I didn’t go to a well-known undergraduate school. When it came to medical school, I would bet I was in the bottom half of my medical school (by their metrics), also a state school – so nothing flashy here. I was willing to admit this the first day of medical school, and will continue to admit it to this day. There are so many more students that are more intelligent and good at putting their heads down and grinding out 12 hours of studying a day.

The purpose of this book is to help you get some sense of what lies ahead, whether you’re about to start your first year of medical school or about to go on residency interviews. Knowing what to lies ahead gives you a sense of the expectations and even a chance to plan.

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