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A Post Match Debrief From recent Matchers

18 top medical residency programs' matchers discuss everything from 1st year to the match - success, failure, strategy, and funny stories along the way.

Gone are the days where multiple residency positions are waiting for you at the end of medical school. Medical school enrollments are increasing, and the number of residency positions remains relatively constant. Whether you will have your eye on a competitive specialty, a geographic location, or certain training program, getting your first choices will be a priority.

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40,000 medical students have intelligence, work ethic, and social skills – that’s why they’re in medical school. Knowing how, where, and when to expend valuable time and energy throughout medical school and the residency match will separate you from the herd.

“What made my clerkship year and has colored the rest of my journey through medical school? Coming back to the notion that caring for patients is an absolute privilege.”
-Samuel Austin

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Drawing on the experiences and honest hindsight of 18 medical students who recently matched, Medical School and The Residency Match takes a lighthearted approach to topics that brought strife, mistakes made, and successful choices that served students well.

This quick read is here to help optimize your candidacy to give you choices when residency applications roll around.

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Get answers from students who matched at top residency programs

  • How did an average student match into a top-tier surgical or medical program?
  • How can you maximize your potential without having to work like a robot for 10 hours a day?
  • How best to spend your time off?
  • How to navigate interview season?
  • Where should you schedule away rotations?
  • How to excel during your clerkship year?
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