Book Excerpts A little taste ...

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Purpose

"For better or worse, medical students are very good at jumping through hoops. They are good at following protocols, checking boxes, and taking instruction." - read more

Chapter 2 - Contributing Authors

"A challenge with writing an honest book about medical schools and residency programs is that medical specialties can be surprisingly small communities." - read more

Chapter 3 - The Classroom Years

"This disciplined approach made the fire hydrant of knowledge not seem so overwhelming. It was a nice balance of giving my best effort and maintaining my fulfilling, sane life." - read more

Chapter 4 - The Boards: USMLE Step 1: Its Value, Importance, and A Little Strategy

"This is an absolutely vital exam. I don’t intend to belabor an already obvious point, but I cannot emphasize how important it is to dedicate yourself to Step 1. " - read more

Chapter 5 - Vacations and Time Off: Summer Between 1st and 2nd Year, Personal Time

"Go on an international trip, if possible. It’s fun and looks great on your application. I was able to get to Cuba for an “Exploration of the Cuban Healthcare System.” Not only was it informative, productive and " - read more

Chapter 6 - Clerkship Year

"My weakness was with my shelf exams. In hindsight I would’ve at least tried to buy a one-year subscription to UWorld and then do all the corresponding questions during each clerkship." - read more

Chapter 7 - Research and Volunteering

"Research, volunteering, and extracurriculars are important all around. I recommend doing a lot of different volunteer activities and adventures." - read more

Chapter 8 - 4th Year and Away Rotations: Impression and General Experiences

"Being really interested in stuff, genuinely interested in stuff - that’s another pearl of wisdom, never fake it. Personally, I never fake it. If I’m interested in something, I engage and... " - read more

Chapter 9 - ERAS Application System: The Personal Statement, Deadlines, and Letters of Recommendation

"After I wrote my first draft, I sent it to a bunch of people looking for feedback. This was a mistake. I had like six people email me back with their corrections/suggestions, and it was so overwhelming " - read more

Chapter 10 - The Interview Trail: Program Selection, and Pre/Post-Interview Socials

"For me, program selection was all about geography. I was very specific about where I was applying, basically nothing east of Colorado. Ultimately, I think geography probably is the biggest thing ... " - read more

Chapter 11 - Finances and Logistics of the Interview Season: Financing Your Time on the Trail, Logistics, & Costs

"If you are lucky enough to be a trust fund baby, have a supply of money from parents or family, or hit the $1.6 billion Powerball, you can pretty much stop reading." - read more

Chapter 12 - Interview Day: The Ultimate Purpose, Asking Questions, Being Caught Off-Guard, Post- Interview Communication

"Your goal in an interview is to seem like someone who would be cool to be around at 3 o’clock in the morning when you’ve just been called in for a crisis." - read more

Chapter 13 - Interview Aftermath: Post-Interview Communication, Making The Rank List

"The first program I interviewed at was Dartmouth, and their program director explicitly said she did not want thank-you letters because it’s a waste of time and they go directly in the garbage. I appreciated the honesty." - read more

Chapter 14 - Potpourri & Story Time

"Don’t let the constant evaluation and feelings of being less than eat your soul. You are probably still a good person even if you are not at the top of your medical ..." - read more